We were highly encouraged in our recent trip to Romania. We spent two weeks training students at a self-supporting institution Trei-Solii-Ingeresti, in Hagota. It is a 7-month training school that is patterned after the Madison school where the Bible and Manual Labor is at the forefront of the training program. The students also engage in missionary efforts throughout the school.

They have already established a tofu, carpentry and agriculture industry. They are also linked with another ministry who is building a beautiful sanitarium in the town of Iveste about 5 hours away. The property is nestled in the mountains with a beautiful river running throughout the property. While there we experienced a little heaven here on earth. I was privileged to share with them medical evangelism, the blessings of reforms, courtship and marriage, Bible prophecy and much more.

We also presented at a few churches in Iveste.

The Lord is truly blessing His work and is taking the reigns in His own hands!

Here is the schools website: www.trei-solii-ingeresti.net